Withdrawing money, does it work? (update 2/8/2021)

Earth 2 is of course a fantastic concept for a game, but one of the goals is also making money. You can make money in different ways. But what good is “virtual” money if you can’t withdraw to your “real” bank account?

That is also possible, but it is not that easy. The Earth 2 developers have indicated that this is being worked on:

We’re looking at smoother options for the recording process, and we’re hoping to have something in the coming months (it could be earlier, but we’ll focus on other more critical tasks first). Currently we have to follow a manual process via PayPal.

We put it to the test and requested a $50 payout. We will keep you updated on the process.

How can you cash out

Go to “settings”, scroll down a bit and click “Withdraw funds”:

When you click on this a detailed message will appear, you can read it here.


Withdrawals are currently still being processed manually. As a result, it can take some time for a payout to be processed. New employees are being recruited to speed up this process. To request a withdrawal, send an email to credits@earth2.io with specific information provided in the message. The minimum payout is $50 dollars. So make sure that this is at least on your Earth 2 account with an application, and that it remains there until it has been processed!

Foreign banks and dollars received

The payment will also be in US dollars, so your bank will have to accept this. A check at a number of banks shows that this is not a problem, they will convert the dollars to euros or other native currency and deposit them into your account. However, this does cost money. How much it costs differs per bank. With a bank transfer, the sender can choose to pay the transaction costs themselves, split 50/50 with the recipient, or have everything paid by the recipient. We assume the latter option, then it can only be better than expected.

The costs per transfer can be found on the websites of all banks. Since it is not a SEPA transfer within the EU, the costs can quite add up. According to ING, it could be €15 per transaction. At ASN they charge 0.1% of the transfer amount, with a minimum of €7 and a maximum of €70 + any costs of the sending bank. However, most banks charge fixed amounts, not percentages, so it pays to keep saving before cashing out.

The application

On January 10th we sent the following email to credits@earth2.io:


We have not received a response in the first hours after the application. Here we will update you on the process in the coming days (or weeks?). We are very curious!

Update 15-1-2021: After 4 days for an update. Or actually not. We have no news. Nothing heard since the submitted application more than 4 days ago. Also, the $ 50 has not yet been debited from our Earth 2 account. Hopefully better news soon ..

Update 1/19/2021: An email from Earth 2!

We have of course answered this email. Now wait for the sequel!

Update 5-2-2021: An email from Earth 2!

So it appears from this email that we now have to go through the screening process. No promises are made about how long this will take.

Update 2/8/2021: An email from Earth 2! And more….

And yes, a message from TransferWise in the mailbox! Our $50 would be on the way …

And that turned out to be true! Because the same day it was on the bank account:

Of our $50 paid out, $45.88 was left. This has been converted into €37.81 at a rate of 1.21333.


It functions! But at the moment it is taking a very long time… count on about 1 month between request and receipt of money in your bank account.

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