What is land class

Land class affects the income you get from a tile in earth2. All purchased land tiles have a “Class”. This class is determined by the number of tiles in the same country purchased before the tiles were sold. The classes below are based on what the community has now measured. The limits should be seen as around those values.

  • Class 1: The first 100,000 tiles sold in a country.
  • Class 2: Tiles sold in a country between 100,000 and 300,000.
  • Class 3: Tiles sold between 300k and 600k in a country.
  • Class 4: All tiles sold after 600,000 in a country.

One way to determine the land class before buying is to search the market for country to sell for that country, or use the country statistics pages to see how many tiles have been sold in the country. A faster way is to use fan sites that provide statistics. For example, use https://earth2stats.net/, this will immediately show the land class for new tiles.

Land class affects, among other things, the income tax you receive on your country. It also affects two other factors of making money from your country. You can read it here.

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