What can you do with the Marketplace?

If you have already started with Earth 2 then you have undoubtedly stumbled upon the marketplace. Are you new? First read about how to create an account and how you can buy land.

The marketplace is a place where you can offer your land for sale and where you can buy land from others. It works quite simply. You go to the marketplace by clicking on “Marketplace” in the top bar. Then you will see a page with a table containing all the offerings.

Currently, the marketplace is still very rudimentary. You cannot sort on the different columns yet and there are literally thousands of pages with offers. At the end of this article we present an easier way to work with the marketplace through an external site. However, because the marketplace will probably soon be improved so that you can search and sort, it pays to be familiar with how it works.

Buy on the marketplace

To buy on the marketplace, first look in the table for an offer that you like. For the example we want to buy a piece of land in Helsinki. We have found an offer in the marketplace with a 28% discount on the current price of the land. A great deal that we do want to take advantage of.

Now we click on “Buy” to buy the land. You will be directed to the property page. Here you can see exactly where the property (the land) is and the history of the property. How often it changed hands, for what price, who sold to whom and on what dates.

If you agree with this, press “Buy now”. The payment screen appears. From here you follow the same process as buying land with credit card or with account balance.

Sell ​​land through the marketplace

To sell land you first go to your profile with all your properties. In that list you search for the property you want to sell. Here we take the Weteringschans as an example.

Now click on “Edit / Sell”. In the screen that pops up, you can fill in how much you want to sell the property and whether you want to advertise it on the marketplace. If you advertise on the marketplace, it costs 5% of the profit you make from sales. This cost requires the Earth2 team to maintain the game.

Update: Work with the marketplace filters

Earth2 has improved its marketplace this week. You can now also filter in the marketplace by country and the offer is sorted by default with the largest discount on new land value at the top. In the “Sort By” column you can sort by:

  • Tile value low – this is the default. It sorts with the highest discount against new land value at the top. Very useful.
  • Highest Net Worth – This orders so that the most expensive property is at the top. Worthless at the moment because there are a lot of people who offer their property for millions while it is worth ten dollars.
  • Most tiles – Sorts by most tiles, descending. Can be useful if you are looking for large land areas. Unfortunately, it does not order after this like in earth2stats again by biggest discount first, so it is quite a search to find the best offer.
  • Property value low – Sorts by the lowest value of entire property (multiple land tiles), in ascending order. Can be useful if you are on a budget. Here the marketplace does sort by the highest discount at the top, making it a lot more useful than “most tiles”.

In “Filter by Country” you select the country where you want to search for the property. Unfortunately you cannot search for all countries at the same time. This is a disadvantage when you mainly hunt for bargains and you care less about the country. See the next section for a better way to hunt for bargains.

Finally, you can indicate in “filter by tile class” whether you are looking for a specific land class. We recommend that you always take the lowest land class with the same options. Land class 1 is worth more than land class 2, it pays to pay a little more now to get a lower land class. Of course you don’t let real bargains pass. We scored 445 tiles in the US in a good location at $3.29 per tile while the price is in US $36 per tile. It was land class 3, but for 10% of the price in a prime location you will not hear us complain!

A more convenient way

As mentioned earlier in this article, the marketplace is currently still very clumsy to work with. For this reason, you see external sites popping up that make it easier. One options is https://earth2stats.net/. Here you can see a lot of statistics that we will explain in another article. For now we only look at the marketplace function. The marketplace in earth2stats allows you to filter by countries and sort by all columns, exactly what we need. Now you can easily search for a property with maximum discount by sorting by the “% off” column or a land class 1 property by sorting by the “class” column. Very handy if you sort on a column other than% off, he leaves everything in order of% off after the chosen column for sorting. This makes it very easy to search for, for example, a class 1 property in the United States with maximum discount.

A recent option is https: //earth2.marketplace, which gives many more options to limit your search results to what interests you. Here you can, for example, filter by country, tile class, min and max number of tiles, market value, price and more.

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