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A much discussed topic are the resources in Earth 2 in the coming phases. It is also the subject that raises a lot of questions on the social channels. What is the influence of land on the extraction of raw materials? Do you get them all or can others also find something on your country? Should you buy mines, forest, water? We looked up a number of questions and answers to present them to you.

If I own a location where there is a gold mine in the real world, does that mean I will get gold there?

According to earth2.io, the answer is “yes and no”. They indicate that they are working on methods of influencing areas owned by Earth 2 in some way for important locations on Earth. These plans have to be very well defined, so they are not yet ready to make them public. What they do say is that they are working to get people to own those interesting and / or useful places around the world to benefit from in Earth 2. However, there will likely be a process that users must follow for validation. What that means is not yet clear.

Furthermore, Wolfgang said in answer to a question “do I have to buy a refinery to get oil” that the chance was small. However, that was a little joke. Oil is clearly at the extraction site, not the refinery. Wolfgang probably felt “obliged” to clarify this first. More importantly, he said the source will not be completely random, which sounds like the opposite: “will not be random”. We interpret it that if you buy a tile on a gold mine, you simply have a better chance of getting metal, simply because you can be pretty sure that the game attributes for that tile will be on steroids for that purpose. On the other hand, if you buy tiles in the ocean, you can be sure that it is a “blue” tile, so the chances of having gold in the resources will be quite rare.

We doubt that they will be really accurate in distributing the raw materials. Otherwise, there will be too many problems with people complaining that they bought exactly one tile on that gold mine that was not mapped on E2. In general, all tiles will yield resources but the proportions will be different. We certainly expect that they will put a lot of oil in the Arab region, for example, but we also expect that you can influence how much raw materials your country produces with the help of technology and research.

Do I have to own the entire property or is 1 tile enough?

The answer on the Earth 2 website is:

One tile is still 10m x 10m, so users can build on it and it can also be used for other purposes such as generating resources. We make sure there are long-term benefits for small and large property owners.

Can other users keep the raw materials they find on my land?

No definitive answer has been given yet. As mentioned in the article on making money in Earth 2, there is a trust that some of the resources or other items that people find on your land will be returned to the land owner. This is hinted at in multiple developer streams and on the Earth 2 website in the FAQ. We know land class will play a role.

Our influence

What is interesting to mention is that Wolfgang is active on discord in order to get a picture of what the players want. Chances are they will listen to our thoughts and ideas and build on them. This means that the above has a good chance of success.

Update – January 25, 2021

A recent question and answer shows that resources are still under development. Based on the purchasing behavior of the community, it is still being considered how they want to present resources in the game. It is clear that all tiles therefore receive resources. However, they also indicate that they do not want to completely ignore purchasing behavior (in line with what we wrote above).

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