What are Pump & Dumps and how do I detect them?

A question that you often see on the discords is “Is land X pumped?”. Pumped here means that a country is temporarily listed on Earth 2 with a much higher market value than it is actually worth. This happens when a property in the relevant country is sold on the marketplace above the current value of the tiles. For example, a piece of the Dam of Amsterdam is sold for $ 35 per tile, while the Netherlands at that time only has a price of $ 3.80 per tile.

Discord capture showing the frequency of “pumped” questions

The influence of a pump and dump is immediately visible, Earth 2 has no averaging or other strategies to even out such peak sales. If you have tiles in a country where such a sale takes place, you will see this immediately in your portfolio.

Something in our portfolio is pumped. Normally we have a neat portfolio but not so neat!

Often a pump only takes a few minutes nowadays because there are already so many marketplace sales. Previously, this could take an hour to return to normal because in a smaller market it is easier to influence the market for a long time.

It’s good to note that not every sale above value has an immediate Pump & Dump intent. Sometimes someone just wants a piece of land on that location without the intention of a pump & dump. With a pump & dump, outside of Earth 2, it is agreed to sell a property, or several properties, several times above the market price to make the players think that the price is higher than it actually is. If people then want stampede tiles in that country, that same group will sell a series of properties for say 20% or 40% of the pumped price, which actually gives them a big profit when sold. In the above example of $35, – pumped, they put it on sale for, say, $8 or $10, people think they get a big discount, but they actually pay $8- $3.90 = $4.10 per tile too much.

In the image below you can see how such people work. You can report this by the way, this can be done in the official Earth 2 discord channel with the mod Thomas. We have reported the “Real Estate Sohel” below, the # 2 in the world at the time, and this player has now been banned from the game!

A property is bought, sold for much less and sold back above its market value.

People often see their portfolio with beautiful “net worth” or see extremely high market values ​​in the marketplace. They feel that something is going on, or perhaps think they are making a purchase of the year and want to know quickly if it is too good to be true (pumped). These people often ask on all discord channels if something is pumped. However, the communities on discord are getting fed up with such questions because nowadays it is easy to see for yourself whether something is pumped. We explain here how you can do such a thing.

See for yourself whether something is pumped

You can check for yourself whether a certain country is “pumped” in several ways. If you see an outlier in your own net worth, a very simple way to go through your own portfolio is on the “Insights” page to see if you see a property with a “current value” that is too good to be true. to be. For example, because a minute ago, an hour ago, yesterday, or last week (how often do you look at your properties? :)) it was only a fraction of that price. If you see this, you actually already know that something is pumped. For example, see the property that gave our $93,000 net worth in the above image of our net worth. The current market value was up from $18,000, but going to $89,000 in an hour is a bit overconfident.

Our property “Alexandria”, pumped. Real value is about $20,000 at time of writing

However, this is a simple way. A better and more reliable way is to check out https://earth2stats.net. You then use the search field under “all countries” to find the country of which you wonder whether it is pumped.

Use the search field to find your country.

Next, look at the “Market Price” graph and look for a peak on the far right. Below you can see that graph for sales in the Netherlands, when a member of our community bought a piece of Dam Square in Amsterdam for $ 35 per tile. During that peak, everyone who owns properties in the Netherlands sees their net worth temporarily go about x9, because 35 / 3.8 = ~ 9.

Netherlands, temporarily pumped by a sale of a piece of Dam for $ 35 per tile.

Pumps are very common in some countries. For example in the place where the largest megacity is currently being built: Liberia. There the “Market Price” chart is full of outliers, which makes it more difficult to see how much discount you are now getting on your purchases in the marketplace for that country.

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