What are land tiles

Virtual land tiles are what we are all currently buying and selling (and getting ridiculously excited about). They are 10m² tiles covering the whole world and available for different prices from country to country. Tiles fluctuate in price, for example by land class. The more people buy tiles in a certain area, the higher the price per tile becomes. At the time of writing, January 3, 2021, the price in the US in popular areas has already increased 25171% from $0.10 to more than $25 per 10m2!

An overview of the fastest climbers in price per 10m2.

You can buy land tiles all over the world. If you want to buy land tiles, you will quickly notice that popular places have already been bought. The Vatican, the Burj Khalifa and Brad Pitt’s house have already been bought. But also Hong Kong harbor, New York, Hawaii and all the wonders of the world were bought immediately. Even the Netherlands is going fast, Amsterdam is almost sold, Utrecht center is full and all football stadiums are gone.

Land tiles can be seen on the map under “Buy Land”. You can select them to buy them.

The developers have said that Earth2 will start in an empty state, removing anything human-made from the world. From this we can extract two important pieces of information:

  • Buying a building does not mean you own that building as it does not exist in Earth2, but if the building attracts a lot of visitors it could be helpful due to the number of people likely to visit that area in Earth2.
  • Natural resources such as wood from forests and gold from mines can be a good place to invest. If the goal of the game is to make a fresh start and build whatever we want, then it is a good assumption that natural resources are needed for this game to function. Forests, mines and similar areas are expected to provide raw materials.

What can I do with purchased land tiles?

Purchased land:

  • You can sell
  • You get income tax on it
  • Get resources for (not yet available)
  • When users find loot, treasure or resources on land you own, you automatically get a share of the property, depending on the type of land you own. (Not yet available)
  • When ads appear on land you own, you will receive a portion of the income generated from those ads depending on which class of land you own. (Not yet available)
  • When users build on land you own, you receive a portion of the value of those digital assets. So if a user wants to build a house, shopping center and so on on land you own, some of the value of the assets used to build will be given to you in dollar value and credited to your account. (Not yet available)

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