Periodic Income (LIT)

Income tax is earned on purchased land, also known as Periodic Income or Land Income Tax (LIT). The land class determines the income tax bracket and it is earned daily. Income tax is only paid when tiles are sold in the country where you own your property. Income tax stops when all tiles in a country have been sold. This ensures that it is possible for the Earth 2 team to pay income tax without losing money. Effectively, as an early owner of tiles in a country, you get a (small) percentage of all new sold land in the country where you already own tiles. As a thank you for buying early in that country.

The formula is currently unknown. It is clear that the income differs per class.

  • Class 1 = 0-100k land tiles sold = most income tax
  • Class 2 = 100k-300k land tiles sold = less income tax
  • Class 3 = 300-500k land tiles sold = almost no income tax
  • Class 4 = 500k + land tiles sold = 0% income tax
  • Class 5 = 0%. Class 5 has not yet been officially announced. It is currently referred to as “non-class 1-4”.

You will not receive income tax on small properties until the value for the property reaches $ 0.01, so if you only own a few tiles, don’t expect to receive income tax on a daily basis. It is paid daily once the servers are updated.

Income tax is currently paid retroactively. This is done in rounds. You can see if you have already had something in your “Transactions” overview. You can filter on “Income (Land class)” here to see it quickly.

It will then show up as follows:

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