Megacities: the list of locations (continuously updated)

In our recent news we wrote several times about what megacities are and the importance of megacities in the Earth 2 metagame. Megacities continue to grow and more and more cities are emerging in places where there are no large cities in the real world. The Earth 2 community has now begun to track where these cities are. You can find an extremely useful list that is continuously updated here.

An excel that receives continuous updates. Multiple tabs with all cities that are emerging.

We expect that trade will develop between the major cities in these lists. They will grow rapidly as groups of people work together to promote growth. Agreements are already being made in phase 2 and beyond to trade mutually for favorable prices, to lend each other raw materials in order to grow explosively together, etcetera.

Save this link, use this guide as a navigational aid as you fly through Earth 2. These cities have all been conceptualized and deliberately created by users. Random collections of people in existing city centers do not count. Each city in the list has a vision. Buying in E2 cities like the ones featured in this guide is a smart move as you will use the collective’s energy and promotional power to draw more people to the respective locations, which will benefit anyone who already owns properties in them. has.

Take advantage of it!

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