How to use Earth2 statistics tools

Due to the rapid growth of Earth 2, a lot of tools have also been created around Earth 2 to help players make the best choices in the game. One such resource is Earth 2 statistics. Which country sold the most tiles in the last 24 hours or last hour. How much money has been invested in recent days? What is the price per tile of a country, its market value, and so on. You can also request statistics from your profile. For example, where your properties are, what ratio of land class 1/2/3 properties you have and how your net worth grows over time.

Our favorite site for statistics is In the rest of this article we look at some of the statistics that this site offers and what you can do with it.

The world map

If you go to you will land on the page with different statistics. The first thing you see is the world map which is colored from red to green. The greener a land, the more the value of that land has increased (the higher the tile value in that land). You can move your mouse over the map to see how much percent the value has increased since the start of the game. The country you select is temporarily gray, this is why United States is not very green below. You can zoom in and zoom out on the map by using your mouse wheel.

The world map on provides an overview of which countries have increased in value the most.

This map is useful to quickly get an idea of ​​where the popular countries are. You can use this information to search for bargains in those countries in the capitals on the marketplace, for example. We would not buy new tiles very quickly because the land class is often already 3 or higher and the tile price is quite high. You can of course also use the map to find the countries with low tile prices so that you can buy new tiles there.

For us, there are a few more improvements to make to this map to make it even more useful. The color scheme changes to green very quickly so that there are already a lot of countries with the same green color. This could be better. It would also be useful if you could switch between price increase from the beginning and price increase in the last 24 hours. Sometimes the latter is more important if you want to make new purchases, luckily there is another way to get this information on the site.

Number of tiles sold

The next useful metric is data on which countries sold the most tiles in the last 24 hours, hours, and 15 minutes. Here you can see at a glance where most players are currently buying. Especially in the beginning of the game you could see here where the “land rushes” were. Which pieces of land everyone popped up at that time.

Top tiles sold shows which countries have bought the most tiles in the past period.

The more land is sold, the faster the tile price of a country rises. It is therefore smart to make your purchases before the rest of the world does. By looking at these statistics you can quickly buy tiles in a country that is going up fast. You must of course keep a close eye on the statistics of the last 15 minutes, or of the last hour. Once a country in on top in the last 24 hours, you’re usually too late.

A second way to use these statistics is to see how active players worldwide are. You can see in the image above that only a few thousand tiles are sold in the top countries. This is completely different from the beginning of January when 100,000 tiles were often sold in the top countries in 24 hours. These were the “land rushes” to buy up land class 1 as quickly as possible in order to take maximum advantage of the wave of buyers who followed, as this gave the class1 owners maximum LIT.

Money invested in Earth 2

The next thing you can check out on is how much money has been invested in Earth 2 over the last period. Earth 2 does not release these immediately, but by looking at the sales per country and the tile price per country, an estimate can be made.

Money inserted shows how much money was spent in Earth 2 in the last period.

This statistic is useful for getting a sense of the game’s popularity. The more money that is put into Earth 2, the more popular the game and the greater the chance that you will earn back your investment (many times over).

As far as we are concerned, it would be nice to see an additional statistic that shows how much money in total has been put into Earth 2 in the last 24 hours, the last hour, and the last 15 minutes. So not per country but all countries added up.

Statistics by country

Finally, you also get the statistics per country. Here you can search for the country where you want more information about. In the overview you can quickly see how many tiles there are sold for that country, what the price per tile is now, what country class will receive new tiles, what is the market value of a tile in the country, and how much the price has increased since the start of the game.

Select a country for detailed statistics.

You can also select a country for more information about that country. At the top is some general information about the country such as how many inhabitants it has, how big it is and how many of it has already been sold. You can also see what the capital of the country is.

You can use the information about the number of inhabitants to estimate how much “foot traffic” there will be in that country. The more inhabitants, the more people will eventually play and pass through areas in that country. This is important for your income. Of course you have to compare the number of inhabitants against how big a country is and how much has already been sold (is it popular among the players?). It would be useful if added an extra line showing the number of inhabitants per square meter. You don’t have to calculate yourself anymore ..

If you select a country you will get the details for that country.

The chart at the bottom has two options. By default you see the market value over the last 24 hours. As far as we are concerned, it may be standard on the last week, which provides more information in the same overview. You still have enough details.

You can use this information to detect pumps. You can see at a glance whether there is currently a spike in the market price that causes your net worth to peak or makes it look like you are getting huge discounts on the marketplace. Another way to use this data is to get a quick idea of ​​how popular this country is in the marketplace. This can be useful for making some quick money by doing some sales of properties in these countries. You can even quickly buy and sell something in countries where you see that a lot is sold above the market price.

The graph can be converted to show the number of tiles sold. As far as we are concerned, we prefer to see both graphs directly visible next to each other. Then you have to click less to get all the information at a glance. A last graph that would be nice to have is that of the (new) tile price over time.

Final words is certainly a useful site to quickly provide some extra insight before buying or trading anything. We will pass on our wish list to the site creator and hopefully we can update this article later with the extra features!

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