How can you make money?

There are countless opportunities to monetize land ownership in Earth 2. As of this writing, three main streams of income are operational, and more will be released as the virtual world and future updates roll out.

1. Land value

The price of land in Earth 2 fluctuates from country to country. Each land starts at the very attractive price of $0.10 for 10mx10m land. The value changes depending on the trade price and country demand, giving you potential opportunities to buy low and sell high.

Available and up and running now, this trading platform is a potential way for early buyers to make great returns on their land purchases.

2. Periodic Income (Land income tax)

Land income tax is the income you receive on the land you own based on future new land sales in that country. You do not need to do anything special to receive this income, it is automatically credited to your account every time new sales take place in the country where you own the land. The more land you own, the more income tax your land will receive on future purchases.

TIP: You can receive higher taxes on land income on your land by purchasing land earlier and getting a better class of land. Only a limited number of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 tiles are available per country.

3. Referrel code – 5% bonus

In the early stages of Earth 2, a promotion system is in place to accelerate adoption. It is beneficial for the account to which the promotional code is linked, but also for the buyer of land tiles. The unique promotional code can be seen on the “settings” page.

When buying land, users can use the promotional code. This code gives the buyer 5% credit back on their purchase and 5% credit to the owner of the referral code. The referral code will automatically remain active on all future purchases unless the buyer changes it again.

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4. Mining resources

When users find resources or other precious materials on land that you own, you also benefit. You will automatically receive part of the proceeds. What you receive exactly depends on the country class.

5. Income from advertising

When ads appear on land you own, you will receive a portion of the revenue generated from those ads, depending on the land class you own.

TIP: Ways 4, 5, and 6 make it important to try to own land in key, popular areas of our physical world, as they are likely to have a greater likelihood of traffic and ultimately yield a higher return for the land owner.

6. Digital assets

When users build on land you own, you receive a portion of the value of those digital assets. So if a user wants to build a house, game, mall and so on on land you own, some of the value of the assets used to build will be given to you in dollar value and credited to your account.

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