Earth 2 now at point what was expected only in year

In a recent message from the Earth 2 team, the team indicated that the growth Earth 2 has seen in recent weeks is similar to what they initially expected after a year or more. This means that they now suddenly had to do all the planned items for this year in a few weeks. For example, they now have to work on scaling up the servers, fixing bugs, monitoring user behavior, withdrawing money from Earth 2 and a lot of financial matters that now need to be dealt with quickly because they are receiving enormous amounts.

All of this must of course be done in addition to the normal development of the game itself. The plan for Earth 2 as a whole is hugely ambitious, but Phase 2 is also quite a challenge. Now they also have weeks instead of months for the features needed for Phase 2. In order to accelerate, they quickly expand the team with additional development power, legal staff, and much more. Finally, they are working on the introduction of a few commercially structured functions. These should help users understand the benefits that may be available to larger properties and add another important level of value to existing properties (irrelevant to size).

They close the message by indicating that they work day and night and thank all community moderators and security teams for their efforts. Finally, they are quick to report that they have started paying out overdue income tax.

We expect more news from the Earth 2 team soon.

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