Earth 2 expands team yet again

The Earth 2 team is once again expanding with a new developer. Ferran Galvañ is the new Lead Technical Artist.

Since he was 7 years old, Ferran has been creating virtual worlds in all kinds of editors. At the age of 12 he made his first star wars spacehip model and before he went to university he already had more than 400 models on turbosquid. Coincidence or not, one of its models is the largest model of the Earth available today.

Some of Ferran Galvañ’s models can be seen on his Turbosquid account.

On his LinkedIn and in the Earth 2 press release you can read that Ferran also worked on D.R.O.N.E, the same project that Nathaniel also worked on. From there, he now follows Nathaniel to Earth 2, to make an even larger model of the Earth than he already had.

The Earth 2 team is very happy with the reinforcement and new Lead Technical Artist. They see bringing great graphics to Earth 2 as a requirement. In turn, Ferran indicates that he is also very happy with the switch to Earth 2. Here he can certainly test his qualities and skills because there is an enormous task waiting for him!

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