E2 University in the making

There is yet another initiative in the world of Earth 2. While alliances were forged before to create megacities, now there is an alliance to create a university in the E2 world.

E2 University is a place for content creators, educators, educators and students of Earth2 and life. The vision is that the vibrant E2 University will ultimately consist of regularly scheduled lectures, classes, presentations and performances. Teaching could include subjects such as investment finance, geography, sociology, business management, marketing, languages, cultural anthropology and many more.

Earth 2 University – a render of the current situation

Here you can buy land tiles: https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/24f1784c-08db-43df-bc65-2c9ec29f1c40

The request is that if you are a content creator or a teacher, to purchase within the structure of the Amphitheater. This will be a place where you can hold classes and promote your other educational offerings. Buy on the outside of the amphitheater if you are a student (of the game) and want to monitor the progress of the project and eventually take classes, but don’t have your own educational content to share.

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