Development of country prices in relation to land tile sales

The regular Earth 2 “players” will not missed it, land prices keep on rising. The land tiles, each representing a piece of land measuring 10 × 10 meters, once, at the start of Earth 2 in November 2020, cost $0.10 each. Currently the most expensive new land tiles cost over $42, this is of course in the USA. Other expensive countries are Italy ($12) and UK ($10). In the Netherlands tiles currently cost just a little over $4 dollars.

But how are other countries doing? And what can we expect? First a nice graph:

source: Earth2Earnings

What is striking is that the price of land tiles per country increases rapidly as more tiles are sold in that country, regardless of the size of the country. And every country shows the same pattern, which makes it quite predictable. It is not scarcity of tiles per country, because there are enough tiles. Then why is it?

Country class / class

We’ve talked about land class before. The 1st 100,000 tiles sold receive class 1, 100,000 to approximately 250,000 class 2, etc. The higher the class, the more tax income. In addition, it offers other advantages where you can earn more money in the future. This creates a genuine FOMO (fear of missing out), where everyone spontaneously wants class 1 tiles. And later class 2, etc. Then the location is of minor importance (although it is a bonus in a megacity), but the national class is decisive.

Here you can see this nicely:


Most tiles have been sold in unknown, or at first sight uninteresting countries in the past 24 hours. But the reason for this is that people want to buy class 1 tiles in the nick of time. The same is now happening in other countries with class 2. This drives up the price enormously, and creates the parabolic picture that you see in the graph.


It is expected that this can continue for a while. Although class 1 tiles are almost sold out, there are still plenty of class 2, 3 and 4 for sale. It is expected that the price will only decrease when fewer new tiles are sold and / or more and more class 4 tiles are installed. Class 4 is the lowest class, there will be no run on it.

New land value vs market value

If you find the prices of new land too high, you can also check the market place to see if you can buy a cheaper piece. However, keep in mind that prices in this marketplace can vary considerably, depending on country class and location!

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