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This weekend, has finally taken the first step towards automatic cashout. There is currently a test with credit card withdrawals of E2 credit on your account. The E2 team currently indicates that it may take them a while to reduce their current backlog but they will dedicate the whole following week to processing as many CC withdrawal requests as possible in order to speed up some backlog for users waiting so patiently. After that, the new system will be streamlined. They have allocated a large number of developer hours to deliver this to all users and it clearly shows that they are now focusing on improving the payment system at scale.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

We will of course even test this option for you.

  1. First upload your ID and a utility bill

    To request credit card withdrawals, you must first verify your identity. As you can see on most sites where this is necessary, this is done by uploading your ID card or passport. If you want to pay out more than $1000, you also need to upload a copy of a utility bill or another bill with your address on it.

    These documents are being reviewed by the Earth2 team. It will first read “PENDING”. With us, the documents were already approved after about 10 minutes and we were able to continue with step 2. It may be that it takes a little longer for you if more people use this functionality.

  2. Enter your credit card information

    After your ID and possibly utility bill with address are approved, you can enter the details of your credit card. The costs are also shown here. For payouts up to $5000 it will be 2%, $5001- $ 30000 will be 1.5% and above will be 1%.

  3. Earth2 charges your credit card $0.01

    After entering your card details, $0.01 will be charged to your credit card to verify the card. Integration with any additional security mechanisms such as Dutch ING bank has work properly.

  4. Request a withdrawal

    After this a set of input fields to request a withdrawal. To do this, enter the amount you want to request and your 2FA code.

  5. Press “request withdrawal”

    After you press “request withdrawal”, you will receive a confirmation that the request has been successful.

  6. View the status of your current application

    After your application has been confirmed, you will see it in the overview of applications. You can also see the status of the application.

  7. You receive the money on your credit card

    Within 2 days the money was added to our account.

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