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If you have been playing Earth 2 for a while, you will notice that your profile is growing. With more and more properties, it is difficult to quickly get a good overview of your profile with the current web application of Earth 2. Fortunately, with you can quickly create a beautiful overview of your profile. Earth2Stats shows you where your properties are on the world map, your ratio between properties in class 1, 2 and 3, and much more.

Have your profile analyzed

To have your profile analyzed, go to your own profile on the Earth 2 web app.

Visit your profile on the earth2 web app

Once there, copy the URL from your URL bar and go to the profile page. There you paste the URL of your profile in the appropriate input field and press [Submit]. will now analyze your profile, this may take a while.

Enter your profile URL in the appropriate input field and press submit.

Once your profile has been analyzed you will be greeted with a page about your profile. At the top you will find some basic information about your profile. You can see the number of properties, how many tiles you have in total, your net worth and how much you have already spent in the game. You can also see how many percent of your properties have already increased in value since you played. Of course you will also find this information at the top of your profile page in Earth 2 so they are not very interesting yet.

Basic information about your profile.

The world map

However, it gets interesting from here. The next thing you see is a world map with your properties displayed on it. This way you can quickly see where you already own properties in the world. To limit the risk of your investment, it is smart to spread your purchases around the world. This map shows whether you do that or whether you have a very strong presence in a single continent. The greener the land, the more properties you have in that land.

There are also circles in the countries. The bigger the circle, the more tiles it owns. You also see some circles are colored brighter red. Here several properties lie on top of each other on the map. If you zoom in on the world map you will see that they are next to each other.

The world map shows where your properties are located in the world.

Time series

The next thing you will see is a number of time series. These provide insight into your net worth, your investment and the number of tiles that you have tracked over time. From a strategic point of view, it is not very useful, but it is certainly fun to see and keep for later!

Time series that provide insight into your net worth, investment and how many tiles you have over time.

Distribution of your tiles

The data shown in the pie chart and radar chart are useful information to build an all-round portfolio. At the top left is a pie chart showing the ratio of the number of properties with classes 1, 2 and 3. Lower land classes have advantages in terms of making money. So you want to make sure that you buy as much class 1 and class 2 land as possible. This graph quickly gives a good picture of this.

At the bottom left you see the same circle diagram, but this time it is not the ratio between the number of properties per land class, but how much value you have in each land class. You can see that with us there is a lot of value in class 3. This is because our US property is worth $20,000 while the rest has a much lower value. In other words, most of our net worth is in class 3 land. Not ideal, but it was a bargain with 90% off!

At the top right, a circle chart shows which countries you have tiles in, and how large the share of that country has in your total portfolio. Here you can quickly see whether you may be investing too much in a single country, which entails more risk.

Finally, you will see a so-called radar diagram in the lower right corner that indicates how many tiles you have in each continent.

List of properties

Your profile page closes with a list of properties. In the table you can quickly see what the market value is. For how much you bought the piece of land and how much the value has already increased. You can also immediately see which land class the property has.

The most important function, however, is that you can search in this list! If you have a lot of properties you have to scroll through pages in the Earth 2 app. This list gives you the opportunity to go directly to a property you are looking for.

List of your properties.

Final words

Doing an analysis of your profile can help you to make a balanced investment in Earth 2. In addition, it gives nice statistics about your own profile and insight into how your portfolio is going over time. Use it to your advantage!

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